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Monday, December 30, 2013

Hordein Protein Testimonial

Dear Gluten Free Craft Beer,

Thank you for the great and useful info in your website, around 1 year a go I went gluten free cause my dietician suspected G-intolerance and i had to give up brewing after 6 years.  After winning some gold medals in competition I'm sure you can imagine how that went down!  So after a whole year of not brewing or drinking beer and loosing 50 lbs, my health did improve, last week i decide to do some research of g-free brewing as I find the commercial stuff is  just simply vile.  I come across your web and read the article about celiac and barley beer gluten content and low gluten beer brewing.  I decided to give it a shot, run out to my craft beer store and get a nice big bottle of centennial IPA, drink it all in the name of science and today guess what?    

Yeah! Nothing, no symptoms or headache or foggy brain!!!  I do think I have a sensitivity problem with wheat and the gliadin protein so I still don't eat pasta or bread.  But 100% barley beer seems to be fine, all this to say I think there is a lot of misinformation around and it might be great if you guys could makea  brewing network podcast about that.  Maybe invite the doctor who wrote the paper to explain why it might be ok for people with sensitivities to brew or drink commercial beer.

I wish you and the whole brewing network team all the best and many years great brewing, off I go to brew my Cream brule milk stout!

Emil from Montreal.

1 comment:

Jonathan Plise said...

Hi Emil -

What a great success story about the hordein protein intake and defining the allergy further. Congrats on losing 50lbs...that is quite an accomplishment.

I'm a believer low gluten intolerant people can drink 100% barley beer. Gluten intolerance is a very broad definition and really needs to be determined per individual.

Thanks so much for the testimonial!